There are many reasons to like autumn. And November. That's the list that I found in the Internet and it really reflects my feeling about this topic.

What's more I love this time because I have much time for doing what I like the most. I don't know why it is this way, but even when I have a lot things on my "to do" list, there is always leisure time.

This month I'm on a diet so probably there isn't going to be any post about food. So that's why in November here is going to be many posts about some events and fashion.

Firstly, events. This Saturday I'm planning to organize girl party. It's going to be amazing. Main evening's topics are:

1. 20's

Everyone invited has to use elements like costumes, skinny dresses, sequins, fur, adorable little huts and so on.

Here are some inspirations:

And what's more important the meeting will be accompanied by 20's music.

Few examples:

here is great 20's playlist:

2. Capcake party

We'r going to eat almost only muffins. There are many ways to bake it so there is going to be sweet, salty, spicy and other tasty capcakes.

3. swap clothing party

Swap Party Rules

  • Bring items that are clean and in working condition.
  • One item you bring = one token.
  • Items donated to the Swap Party are no longer yours.
  • Nothing can be claimed until the host officially opens the Swap.
  • Before the Swap opens, spend some time browsing the items.
  • Once the Swap is open, you may claim one item per token.
  • If two or more of you want the same item, the host will flip a coin, draw or rock/paper/scissors for the winner.
And beside themed entertainment there is going to be amazing board games, some movies, coctails and perfect girlfriends company. It promises to be ideal Saturday night.

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