my DIY christmas gifts

As I wrote in some earlier post there is many possibilities and ideas about DIY presents for christmas. I choose few options and now I want to show what I did.

Christmas are great time for creating something. It really inspire me. About some christmas gifts I'm consistent. Every year I prepare DIY gifts because I think that it is better do something by your own and with family and friends in mind than only buy something. But on the other hand I always try to make something not only pretty and for standing and doing nothing with it. Useful presents are better at all. Good example of useful christmas gift for girls is bath salt and for males personalized cup or mugful. This year I'm going to have really huge christmas celebrations and there is going to be a lot of people: family and friends. That's why I decided to make something smaller. The final decision is some induced photos with me and recipients in a nice frame, DIY christmas cards and  DIY gingerbread muffins for everyone and DIY christmas mixed tea for girls and DIY personalized cups for men.

So here below is some photos of my work done. Mostly christmas cards. There is also my own gingerbread muffins recipe. Oh! I'm so looking forward for this christmas!

Gingerbread muffins:

1. Mix dry ingredients: 250g  of flour, 2 little spoons of baking powder, 179g of powder sugar, few big spoons of gingerbread spice, pinch of cinnamon and salt
2. In other bowl mix wet ingredients: 2 eggs, 125ml of milk and 100g of melted butter
3. Mix dry and wet ingredients and add 1 bar of milk chocolate in pieces
4. Put into the muffin molds, the best would be with Christmas decorations
5. Bake for 18 minutes in 180C
6. It looks the best with decorative gold or silver ribbons.

Here below is few other photos of making gingerbread muffins:

Marry Xmas!

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